What Does Epicurean Mean?


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The adjective epicurean is generally applied to someone who is dedicated to a pursuit of sensual pleasure, above all to the gratification of good food as well as comfort. It could mean something that is suited to the discernment of an epicure such as an epicurean repast. Epicurean could mean of or relating to Epicureanism or Epicurus. It could mean hedonic: someone devoted to refined pleasure.

As a noun the term could mean a devotee of living that is both sensuous and luxurious; an epicure. It could also denote a follower of Epicurus. Epicureanism is a practice of philosophy which has its foundations in the teachings of Epicurus; established around the year 307 BC.

Some synonyms for the term epcurean include the terms bon vivant, epicure, gastronome, foodie and gourmet. The word epicurean comes from the Middle English word Epicurien; from Epicure. A related word is the term sensualist, meaning someone who enjoys sensuality.

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