What Does Excel Mean?


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Too succeed
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The verb "excel" means to surpass or "to do exceptionally well." The word originates from the Latin word excellere, which also meant the same. There are numerous synonyms for the word excel viz; transcend, outdo, outclass, outstrip, outshine or do better. It is also used in a comparative sense when one wants to show that someone or something is better or greater than the other. For example, consider this sentence: Though the actor put on a class act in his latest movie, he simply excelled in his debut film in the role of a vagabond.

Microsoft Excel is one of the hugely popular and widely used spreadsheet programs for data accumulation and analysis. The word excel represents winning, and thus many brands have endeavoured to use this word to sell their products, for example Hyundai Excel, Excel gum (chewing gum by Wrigley's), Excel Corporation, subsidiary of Cargill, the famous meat processor in the US, Excel Airways, etc. The word "excel" is generally used as a verb whose noun form is "excellent."

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