What Does Injunction Mean?


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An injunction is known as the equitable remedy, it comes in the appearance of a court order. Injunction can also be referred to as restraining orders or "enjoins" a certain party to continuing a particular activity any further. The party that fails to follow the order of Injunction is liable for facing criminal charges in contempt of court. They may have to pay damages or certain sanctions for not following the courts order. In certain cases the breaching of an injunction is considered as a major criminal offence that can result instant arrest and possible in a term in prison.

A restraining order is also a type of an Injunction. At the heart of the injunction relief is recognition that financial damages cannot solve all problems.
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Great Answer Mustaine.

Sometimes you get an injunction when you are going through a dissolution of marriage. This is to prevent one of the spouses from selling or buying anything until the marriage is resolved. And yes a restraining order is also an injunction.
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The word 'injunction' has its origin in Latin and is taken from the word 'iniunctus'. Iniunctus is the past participle of the verb 'iniungere'. Iniungere means 'to enjoin'. This word iniungere is formed of two words: the Latin prefix 'in' and 'iungere'. Iungere means 'to join'. Injunction is an act of enjoining. Injunction could be a command or admonition. For example: injunction from God. It means an admonition from God.

Injunction could be an order where a person is required to do a particular act or he is restricted from doing a certain act. This order concerns a judicial process.

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