What Does Miguel Mean?


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The name miguel means power
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'Miguel' is the Portuguese version of the English name 'Michael'. Miguel was the name for the son of King John IV. He fronted a rebellion against his father which was not successful. After the King's death, there was conflict regarding his successor. The liberals were in support of Miguel's brother Pedro, while the reactionaries were in favour of Miguel. Pedro gave up his throne under the condition that Miguel marry his daughter maria and act as regent for her as per a charter that was issued by pedro. This pact was agreed upon, but after attaining authority Miguel dishonoured the pact. He joined the liberals in the azores and together they under took a voyage to oporto. There Miguel turned traitor and besieged them. The liberals later took revenge by ruining his fleet.
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Hi my name's Miquel, but it's with a Q.
Anyway, I think it means, beautiness and loyal.
Haha lol, nah that was just jokez.
I think it just means Micheal in English for Spanish.
So yeah...lmoa
soz, this is just really random. =]

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