What Does Miguel De Cervantes Mean In English?


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Micheal of Cervantes
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Miguel de Cervantes was a Spanish writer. He was the author of the famous satirical epic Don Quixote, which is considered as the very foundation of the modern novel. Details about Cervantes' childhood are little known. He enrolled himself into the Spanish military and participated in the fight against the Turks in the battle of Lepanto. In this battle, a shot fired by a gun rendered his left arm crippled for life. In the midst of an eventful life which included being a slave and getting arrested, the novel Don Quixote was born.

Don Quixote, the title as well as the protagonist's name, is widely acclaimed as a literary masterpiece. It is a narrative of a idealistic nobleman, who goes on a journey in order to fight injustice by exhibiting a chivalrous attitude.

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