What Does Italic Mean?


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It means bold words
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When you Italicize a word, it means that you make the letters slant at a 15 degree angle. In word processing it means you click on a button in the menu to Italicize the text you have highlighted. The icon for Italicize is a capitol letter I that looks like this I
In word processing you can also Italicize text that you have highlighted by simply holding down the Ctrl button first (don't let go), then gently tap the letter I then release both the Ctrl key and the letter I key.

Making a letter or text Italicized in your document makes it more noticeable or more prominent by pointing out it's importance.
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As an adjective the term italic means of or pertaining to ancient Italy; it could also mean of or pertaining to its peoples or cultures. Another use of the term is pf or pertaining to that branch of language of the Indo-European family which includes Latin, Oscan, Faliscan, Umbrian, as well as the Romance languages. Italic could also be used to mean of or being a printing type style which is patterned on a Renaissance script. Such a style has all the letters of the alphabet slanting towards the right.

As a noun, the word italic could be used to denote the Italic division of Indo-European. It could also be used to mean Italic print or typeface. In this sense of the term, it is frequently used in the plural.

The word has its roots in the Latin word Italicus; from Italia, meaning Italy.
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Um it means you go in italics which is this: I am RazzBerri. thats what it means

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