What Does Ku Mean?


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The word ku is defined as any of the principal administrative divisions of a city in Japan. In Japanese, the word ku also means the word sky, the sunyata or the void. It is also the word use to describe one of the 23 special wards located in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. These are autonomous local governments, which are almost equivalent to cities.

It is usually translated into English as a ward. It also means a feeling of emptiness. According to the sacred texts of the Buddhist faith, the fundamental character of anything is this sense of absence or emptiness of individual essences, which are permanent and do not change.

The realisation of this essencelessness of anything is what permits a person to cultivate a psychological non-attachment (or detachment) towards that thing, and thus promote a sense of cognitive equanimity. The direct realisation or experience of an insight into this realm of emptiness leads to enlightenment.

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