What Does Shrub Mean?


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You can use the word 'shrub' as a noun to describe a kind of plant that is a large one but smaller than a tree. The distinct feature of the plant is that it has several stems of wood that come from the ground.

There are several other words also that are being formed from this very word and you can find 'shrubbery' and 'shrubby' that are used as a noun and adjective respectively to describe more or less the same phenomenon. 'Shrubbery' is a word that describes the area that is planted with shrubs and 'shrubby' is used for plants that resemble to that of shrub.

The word can trace its origin in the word 'shrubbe' that was in use in the Middle English and this word can trace its origin in the word 'scrybb' that means brushwood. The period during which the word was in use is considered to be around 1000 AD.

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