What Does M&M Mean?


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The term M&M can be attributed to several things but primarily the word is being used for a kind of candy made in the United States of America. Each of the 'M' stands for the surnames of the inventor and his partner; Forrest Mars invented the candy in partnership with his associate Bruce Murrie. The candy is prepared on the basis of an older British product 'Smarties' and it was Forrest Mars who noticed it during the Spanish civil war.

This brand of Milk chocolate can be found mostly as milk chocolate and peanut and out of them the milk chocolate is the most popular of the brands.

Originally the candy came in six colours red, orange, yellow, brown, violet and green but due to some health concerns the colours got metamorphosed into different type.
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That Is A Really Good Question
M & M Means Mars And Murrie.
It is a chocolate candy,
The Reason why m & m is named mars and murrie, Is because its taken place of the name of the owner who produced theese american candy lollies.

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