What Does Marian Mean?


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Star of the sea!
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Marian is a feminine name of French origin. It is derived from Mary, which means 'star of the sea' in Latin and Ann which means 'grace' in Hebrew. It is one of the variants of Mary and is the anglicized version of Marion. It was a favourite during medieval ages and then went out of style only to be revived during the Victorian Era. Its variants include Mariam, Maryanne, Mariana, Maryann, Mariane and Marion.

In the fictitious Robin Hood tales the legendary Maid Marian was his companion. Marian apparitions are an integral part of psychological and religious phenomena. The third daughter of Catherine and William Booth was Marian Billups Booth. The persecution of the Protestants under Queen Mary I of England was known as the Marian Persecutions. Marian Anderson is a famous African singer. Marian Bell was a member of the Monetary Policy Committee of England.

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