What Is A Kipper?


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A kipper is actually a herring which has been gutted and then salted and smoked. They are a traditional fish dish which has strong associations with the Highlands of Scotland and also East Anglia and Northumberland. Since herring stocks have declined, the kipper is becoming increasingly rare. Also it is quite a salty dish and with concerns over salt consumption, salty dishes have somewhat fallen from favour.
Kippers were often served at breakfast time, although they can be eaten at any meal. The traditional ways of cooking them are to fry them or 'jug' them. Jugging is done by putting the kipper into boiling hot water and then leaving it to cook gently, without further boiling. Grilling is a healthier way of cooking them.
A good quality kipper can also be eaten raw, if it is cut into very think strips and then served cold in the same way as smoked salmon is served.

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