What Does The Name Obadiah Mean?


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The name Obadiah is pronounced as o-ba-diah. It means "servant of God". It is a Biblical name. This name is of the Hebrew origin. Its variants are Obadias, Obadya, Obed, Obediah, Obie and Oved. Obadiah is a very rare male name and also a very rare surname.    It is a masculine name and in its original language, i.e. Hebrew means the "servant or Yahweh". Yahweh is the name of one of the Minor Prophets in the Old Testament in the Holy Bible. Yahweh is also the name of the Hebrew God. It was written as YHWH in Hebrew ( Yod Heh Waw Heh) as the name of the god was always written and never spoken, the original translation was lost. The name may mean "to be" or "to become"    There are up to 12 Obadiahs' mentioned in the Bible. This is excluding the prophet who probably lived in the 9th century BC and who write the book of Obadiah.

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