What Does Ecumenical Mean?


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The word ecumenical has two meanings. The first one implies 'universal use'. A thing which has a versatile usage or can be used worldwide is known ecumenical. The second meaning of ecumenical relates to the unity among the Christian churches across the world. Another word means unity among the churches is "oecumenic" or "oecumenical."

The ecumenical movement initially referred to the unity of the Protestant churches across the world. Slowly, the meaning began to spread to other Christian churches also. After the Renaissance period, the Protestant sect was divided into numerous self-governing sects. Since then several attempts were taken to bring about a sense of unity for the churches. The formation of Evangelical Alliance in the year 1846 in England was a forerunner in this endeavour. Numerous organizations like YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) and YWCA Young Women's Christian Association set up in 1844 and 1884 respectively sought to cross the barriers of distinctions among churches.

The Church Reunion in Great Britain and the Christian Unity started in the year 1910 were some movements which were ecumenical in nature to foster the unity of all Christians. The concept of Christian unity was started on a global scale in the year in 1910 when the World Missionary Conference was set up as a platform to unite Christians all over the world.

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