What Does Idle Mean?


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The word idle comes from the Middle English word "idel" which was taken from the Old English "idel". In its adjective form it means not to be busy, employed, work etc. it means to not be in use, as in "an idle mind is the devils workshop". Something idle can be said to be lacking in basis, substance or value, as in idle chit chat.

In its verb form Idle refers to the passing of time by avoiding work or without performing work. It can mean to move about without purpose or lazily. In terms of a motor vehicle it refers to the car either not being in gear or extremely slow speed. A car that is halting with the engine running but the gear in neutral is said to be idling.
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          Being idle essentially means being in a state of ,interior generally. You can call someone idle if you see that the person is just lazing around and is not doing anything, or does not have anything to do. There are different contexts in which the word 'idle' is used. While some may see some of these contexts in different light, the basic meaning is essentially the same - to be inactive and not do a thing, both by choice usually.              There is all the negativity associated with the usage of the word 'idle'. Being idle, i.e., being referred to as not doing anything to resolve a problem, can be a very unfair tag associated with sitting back and doing nothing.              Being idle is something that happens to anyone. It could happen to a person well-versed in science, with the required qualification and more. Or it could happen to a beggar on the roadside.[P.S: The current trend seems to be reversing the concept. ]
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If you are talking about an automobile idle is engine running at a preset rpm.
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The word idle refers to someone who is unemployed or not busy at all, for example, 'the lack of customers has led to the waiter's becoming idle'. An idle person is one who avoids work, a lazy person. Idle can also be used to refer to something that is not in use or working, for example, his idle hands were not used to physical labour'. The verb form refers to the passing of time without actually doing anything constructive, for example, 'all he does at home is idle away the time'. It basically refers to absolutely anything that is characterised by inactivity.

An idle person is that who is reluctant to exert himself by doing any kind of work, physical or mental. Idleness is basically the non usage of one's mental and physical resources.
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It means : Not wanting to work hard, lazy. Ex : He has the ability to succeed but he is just bone idle.

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