What Does Cursive Mean?


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The term cursive is used to describe a typeface. The cursive typeface is defined as a typeface that looks like written script. The style of letters used in cursive writing is slanted. It is a type of printing that looks like a person's handwriting. The letters appear to run in a rapid manner across the line or page because in the cursive style of writing, the ends of the letters are joined together.

The cursive writing style first came to be used in the sixteenth century. The letters of the script in a cursive typeface look like they have been drawn or written with a pen or in ink, and so they appear to imitate the handwriting of a person.

In a script, however, the ends of the cursive letters are not joined to each other. The design of the letters used in this system of continuous writing, which uses connected letters, and how they are connected to each other is based on a system which is taught to the pupils in primary schools.

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