What Does Hoist Mean?


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The word hoist has several meanings. It means to haul or raise something with the help of a mechanical device. Thus it means to lift. In this context this word is a verb. "Hoist the luggage", hoist the accident victim" etc are some of the examples of this word and its use in this context.

Hoist also refers to a device or a machine that is used to lift or lower heavy loads. It works with the assistance of a drum or a barrel that is tied with ropes or chain wraps. It can be manually operated or be electrically operated. It is used to lift cumbersome and very heavy objects. The load is attached to the hoist with the help of a lifting hook.

The half of a flag nearest to the flagpole is also known as hoist. It is the edge closest to the pole. It is also sometimes referred to as the vertical width of a flag. It is a noun in the last two contexts.

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