What Does Tar Mean?


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Tar means a black liquid that is very dangerous. People that smoke have the liquid in there system and then they find that smoking is good for them but people carve for more.
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That is a really true, people find that really had to be without every day. The liquid is really like a drug.
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Tar is a type of a black liquid which is said to be very viscous, tar is derived from the destructive distillation of an organic matter. Most of the Tar that is produced is from coal, it is a by product of coke production, however tar can also be produced by peat, wood or petroleum. The tar that naturally occurs from Tar pits, actually comprise of asphalt and not tar, this however is a common misconception, the tar pots are actually more accurately known as the asphalt pits.

Tar is a very important component of the tarmac roads. Sometimes it is also used as the seal for the roofing of shingles; it is also used for the sealing of the hulls of the boats and ships.

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