What Does Influence Mean?


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Influence means to effect someone or something
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The word influence has a Latin origin. It stems from the word īnfluēns which is obtained from the word īnfluent. This term īnfluent is a past participle of īnfluere, which means to flow in. Later, in Medieval Latin it was modified as īnfluentia which means influx. Then, it was adapted by the Old French and Middle English. Influence is termed as a power that affects a person or thing. It affects or operates without any direct effort. Fro example: the influence of television on children.

The power to change things or make an impact by using one's prestige, wealth, or ability is also termed as influence. For example: she used her father's influence to get a job. A person who affects someone or exerts influence is also called influence. When someone influences someone or something, he produces a change in it by intangible means.
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The effect of something on someone or something.

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