What Does Defer Mean?


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The word 'defer' has its origin in Middle English and is taken from the word 'differren'. Differren means to postpone. This word is used as 'deferred' in its past tense and as 'deferring' in its continuous tense. When someone differs something, he postpones doing it. It could also mean 'to suspend the induction of someone who is eligible for a military draft. A person, who shows the quality of procrastination or putting things off, is addressed as deferrer. Defer could also mean to commit to another. 'To defer' is to submit to the opinion or wishes of another person in recognition or respect of the person's authority, judgment or knowledge.

Some examples using the word defer are: deferred paying the bills, defer an execution and defer a discussion. Adjourn, delay, hold off, hold up, postpone, remit, shelve, stay, suspend, table, waive, bow, submit and yield could be some of the words that are synonymous to defer.

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