What Does Cordoba Mean?


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As correctly stated above, after the Islamists conquered a European province in the 8th Century, they named it Cordoba and built a massive mosque to stand as a symbol of the Islamist victory and successful conquering of this former European province.... That was 1,300 years ago.... Since then, the word Cordoba has taken on more meanings in the Islamic culture... It is understood by Muslims around the world that when the word "Cordoba" is employed, in many contextual ways, that it means victoriousness, or conquered, or triumphalism.... So it is NO MISTAKE that these pro-Hamas, anti-American, proud supporters of the Muslim attack on America in 2001, have chosen the name "CORDOBA MOSQUE" for the massive $100,000,000 Muslim Center that they are building on the ashes of the hallowed ground we call Ground Zero.... To the Muslim world, when they hear that a Mosque is going to be built atop the ashes of the destruction that their Muslim brothers perpetrated on innocent Americans, they immediately understand that this represents VICTORY and SURRENDER and New York City as CONQUERED TERRITORY..... Just because we have limp-wristed politicians who lie to you and say nonsensical things like "if we don't let the Mosque get built there, then the terrorists have one" (quote NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg), DOES NOT MAKE THAT THE TRUTH..... The truth is that these Islamists are officially declaring VICTORY over the United States of America, as they pray inside this MASSIVE monument of intolerance and look over the hole in the ground that their Islamist brothers caused.... This Mosque is much more than "showing the world that we are tolerant."  Trust me... Just watch and you will see that this is step one in their long-term strategy to fully convert NYC, and then America itself as an Islamist nation where women get murdered for talking to a man, or learning to read, and soon, these same politicians who are so eager to appease the Islamists who are building the Mosque will be the same politicians who will be willing to appease the Islamists when they demand a separate Judicial system based on Sharia law.... When a Muslim man kills his Muslim wife for, say, driving a car, the Islamists will want that to be handled in a Sharia Court which will declare that the murder of the wife is completely legitimate and has in fact been ordered by the Prophet Mohamed.... You watch.... They are planning their steps.... Incrementally they WILL transform our society.... They WILL establish a judiciary inside of our established Justice system and it will completely change our "Free" society into something much different, much more scary and much more dangerous....
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It's also the name of the company that's trying to build a $100,000,000 Islamic "cultural center" and the foot of ground zero in NYC.
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Cordoba has two meanings. On one side it means the basic unit of the currency of Nicaragua.

Cordoba also referred to the great mosque of Cordoba, a province Cordoba with its capital as Spain. It is located on the banks of Guadalquivir River. This place was occupied by the Romans in 152 BC. It became under Augustus, the capital of Roman province of Baetica. It was captured in 711 by Muslims after the decline of Visigoths in 8th century. After being conquered by the Muslims, it was headed by Abd al Rahman I of the Umayyad Family. This is when in 756, the great mosque of Cordoba, which still stands.

Under the Umayyad Dynasty, it became the place of a self-regulating emirate, which was later called as caliphate. The city was one of the greatest and wealthiest in Europe. This place was well renowned for the Muslim and the Jewish culture and accepted for its archaeological magnificence.
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 currency of Nicaragua

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