What Does Hype Mean?


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Hype is defined in the Oxford dictionary as 'extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion'. For example, a lot of people use this term to describe an atmosphere or anticipation of a certain event or popular figure such as a celebrity. In addition, this term can refer to an individual's behaviour. For example, if you work within a team you may want to get your colleagues 'hyped up' which will make them enthusiastic and motivated.

In order to get your teammates or colleagues feeling this way you should help to create an inspiring and motivating environment for everyone. In addition, you should create a sense of togetherness which you could do by putting up posters with some inspirational messages or play some upbeat music if it is appropriate in your working environment.

Moreover, it is important that your colleagues feel a sense of purpose and worth so if you are in charge of group of workers you should allocate jobs to each person relating to their biggest strengths. You should also make sure you put in as much effort as them, so they know that you mean what you say and this should encourage them to work even harder. You cannot expect to hype up other people if you are not motivated yourself.

One of the most important things is to make sure that everyone feels involved and part of the team. Colleagues are not likely to get motivated if they feel like they are out of the loop on developments, so ensure you let them know their work is pivotal in reaching the team's goals.
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Hype means "excessive publicity or propaganda." An exaggerated claim especially used in advertisements, sales promotions and movie trailers constitute the much needed publicity for the product. The possible synonyms for the word "hype" are publicity, propaganda, exaggeration, buildup etc.

Hype as a verb can mean to publicise a person, product or service by making tall, exaggerated and sometimes misleading claims. Hype can be a part of swindle or done in good faith to generate demand for a product or service. Hype is one of the popular marketing techniques done by businesses in every part of the world. In today's competitive world, generating hype is one of the obvious means to be "heard" and "noticed." A successful product or service is one which lives up to the hype.
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Excessive publicity

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