What Does Guilt Mean?


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Feeling bad about something you have done If it feels wrong don't do it.
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The word guilt is used to define the state of mind of a person who either has or feels as if he or she has committed a crime. It is the term used to define remorse. Remorse is a feeling which is caused when someone feels he or she is responsible for committing some offence. The word guilt is used in many ways in many contexts.

Guilt is an internal mechanism that sends signals to a person to correct what he or she has done wrong. It sends signals to a man to feel more towards his domain. The analogs used in place of guilt are inferiority and shame.

Guilt is a word used by the accused in a case in a court of law to plead to an indictment. He or she is said to plead guilty to the crime when he or she confesses to doing the crime of which he or she is charged. It is also used by the jury while convicting the accused.

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