What Does Teamwork Mean?


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Most dictionaries define teamwork as 'a cooperative effort of a group of individuals acting together as a whole, or team, in the interest of a common cause, or to achieve a common goal.'

But what does this mean? Teamwork consists of two or more people working together in order to achieve a goal. Each member of the team contributes their personal skills, ideas and opinions towards the one common goal.

Although individual members are by no means unimportant, personal aspirations are put aside and the objective of the team is put first.

For teamwork to be effective, all contributions must be harmonized and coordinated. Each team member is assigned the part of the project for which he or she is most suitable.

If a project is to be well planned, everyone needs to know what they need to achieve and when it has to be done.

Sometimes teamwork requires everyone to do the same thing at the same time. This is the case in a rowing team, for instance.

To achieve the best possible results, efforts have to be synchronised, i.e. The rowing blades have to be moved in and out of the water at the same time to achieve maximum thrust.

In a working environment and other team sports, teamwork usually consists of people with different skills working together.

Here a plan on how to best achieve the end goal is discussed and work is divided according to skills. For instance, a group of people has been assigned with the task of designing and creating a dress for a fashion show.

The most imaginative member of the team, who can also draw, designs the outfit. The second person, an experienced pattern maker, transfers the design and cuts the material.

A sewing machinist is ready to sew the parts together and another adds finishing touches, such as sequins, beads or embroidery, etc.

Again, efforts have to be harmonised, usually by the application of a time frame.

Problems or alterations to the plan need to be discussed, giving the team an opportunity to find ways of working around the problem.
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A group people working for their common goals at  the same time to achieve the team goal is called teamwork
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Team work is a necessary ingredient to successful and efficient functioning. A team is usually required because it ensures that different people with different competencies can work together with a common aim of achieving a goal that has been already set. Team work is very essential, because it helps ensure that everyone is doing their bit in sync with the others and also keeping in mind the final objective of delivering a good quality product or service. Imagine a situation where a team was not functioning well, i.e. There was no proper team work. Such a scenario would probably result in the team delivering an erroneous product or service, or delaying the delivery time. Seen in this light, the importance of team work becomes immediately apparent. Teamwork is a key to success, both individual and collective, and is one thing that every company stresses on.    Team work is one of the key aspects of business and industry today. Every successful product requires team work. The concept of team work is based on the age old premise of 'two heads are better than one.' It is always easier to find people with different skills and bring them together on a common platform, i.e. The team, and get them to work on a product, than to find one person who has all the skills required for a particular. Even if you find such a resource, the time factor becomes critical. Team work ensures parallel functioning, which means different aspects of a project can be worked on simultaneously and integrated at the end, which is infinitely better than linear functioning.
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Teamwork is known as the concept in which a group or team of people work together in full co operation to achieve a common goal. Team work is a very important factor in newsgroups, various projects and in a sports team.

To achieve large ambitious goals, it normally requires a group of people to work together. Teamwork has become a very important factor in huge organizations where an individual alone cannot handle the work. The more the team is effective the more the goal is closer and to build an effective team, the team has to have team work where all the members co operate without any ego problems or personal problems showing up in their work. Every individual in a team needs to make sure that he finishes his work on or before time and help someone else with their work, thus making the team more effective in meeting up targets.
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A diverse group of individuals gathered in a specific setting challenged to complete a desired  goal or task successfully with the end results being  victorious.
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Working together as a team to get things done,and this could be your marriage,your job,a sports team,when you pull together things go smoother and better,wanting the samething and work together to accomplish it...
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Team work is collective work, while working in a team you think of yourself and team. You should give and work dedicatedly for the team. Your participation should be in such a way that should lead your team to higher achievements.
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It also involves foreging of individual interests and goals and working as a whole to achieve the common set target.

The concept of team work has always been interesting.

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