What Does Spontaneous Means?


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'Spontaneous' means occurring as a result of unplanned impulse or without any apparent external cause. It is derived from Latin 'sponte' i.e. Of one's accord.  It is instinctive and unpremeditated. It is a feeling that arises without any thought behind it. It is completely natural and does not involve any sort of planning. It can also be interpreted as an reflex action. It is self generated and it happens without any external reason. It is sudden and not manipulated.    For example, "The hypnotist directs the man to spontaneously change his behaviour" or "Buying a car was a spontaneous act which he regretted later." The word 'spontaneous' applies to what comes naturally rather than resulting from a forethought or promoting. Synonyms for 'spontaneous' are impulsive, involuntary, automatic. These adjectives mean acting or reacting without giving a conscious thought.    'Spontaneous' in a sentence: "We are all born charming, fresh and spontaneous and must be civilized before we participate in society" – Judith Martin.

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