Where Does The Name Justin Come From?


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This is the English form of a late Latin name, Justinus. This in turn derived from an older Roman name, Justus. As we might guess, the name originally meant "just" or "fair," and was popular with the early Christians. It is one of the few old names to have kept its form and meaning almost unchanged, which may be why it has never died out. Because of its meaning people also think of it as a good or lucky name for their sons.

The older form Justus is still in use in Holland and some German-speaking countries. The English form, Justin, has had a revival in recent years; this may be partly influenced by the popularity of singer Justin Hayward and, more recently, Justin Timberlake.

The feminine forms are Justina and, more commonly, Justine. Justine gained some notoriety in the 18th century as the heroine of one of the Marquis de Sade's books.
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Justin is a name normally given to baby boy. Its origin is Latin. Justin means just, upright and righteous. If you want more details then check out this answer.

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It's a Latin word. It came from the Latin word 'Justinus' which means 'just' or 'fair' or 'true'.
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Justin means always likable

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