What Does Rood Mean?


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The word rood has its origin in German and is derived from the word Rute. Rute means rod or twig. In Old English, it was modified as rōd which also meant a pole or a crucifix. Rood is specifically a British term which denotes a length ranging form five to eight yards (or 5 to 7.3 meters). Rood is also apllicable in the measurement of land. It is a unit of land that equals forty square rods or a quarter acre ( ¼ acre) or 0.10 hectare. Even a unit of one square rod is also termed a rood.

The cross which signifies the crucifix on which Jesus was crucifix is called rood. Rood is generally seen in medieval churches. It is a wooden crucifix fixed on the screen or rood beam.

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