What Does Poly Mean?


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The term poly has a number of meanings like a Polytechnic University. The Polytechnic University of Brooklyn, New York is to be one of the most famous Universities.

The University is located in the borough of Brooklyn and is positioned in New York City. It is said to be the second oldest private technology university, it was started in the year 1854. It is a personal, co-educational organisation; Polytechnic has an eminent past in electrical engineering, polymer chemistry, aerospace and even in microwave engineering.

At the moment it is the chief in telecommunication, information science as well as technology administration. The university is also famous for its exceptional study centres and also its outreach programs to promote math and science learning in New York elementary and even high schools.
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POLY means  -  many.   As in  many wives, many particles.   Any word that starts with POLY, indicates that the actual word, is stating that the meaning of the word is many of whatever it is describing

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