What Does Gelid Mean?


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Gelid is defined as extremely cold, chilly, or icy. It is closely associated with the word arctic which also alludes to very cold conditions. An example in a sentence could be 'The weather in the Alps in winter was gelid'. It may be also be used in connection with a person's behaviour or personality. A gelid person is one who is aloof. It could also mean the lack of warmth or heat. It is also described as the sensation experienced when heat escapes.

The word gelid is usually used to describe the climatic conditions in the Arctic. The Arctic is exactly opposite Antarctica. It includes the USA, Russia, Greenland, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden. The Arctic Ocean is also located in this region. The Arctic Circle is the ultimate limit of the polar night and the midnight sun. Its exact location is (66° 33'N).

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