How To Use Aloof In A Sentence?


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Depression can make a person aloof, and every-time they have company is hard for them to have a conversation.
Is this a good sentence in other to describe the word aloof
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Aloof means to be physically or emotionally removed or distant.

Here are a couple examples:

1.) While my mother may seem a bit aloof, she is really a very caring woman.

2.) As aloof creatures, most cats prefer to be alone.

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For some reason, when I hear or read this word, I visually picture a man sitting alone on the roof because aloof looks like "al roof" ... And if you're alone on the roof, you are distant from others.

Hope this helps!

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The world 'aloof' means to remain detached, to be reclusive. It is a adjective and it indicates a situation or a behavior where an individual is separate from any collective behavior. It can be used in the following ways :-

1) John prefers to remain aloof ever since he lost his parents.
2) Aaron prefers to remain aloof in his home whenever he's working on a new project.
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Aloof has many different meanings,it depends on what meaning you want to use. A sentence with aloof is: The boy was very aloof from everyone

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