What Does Hedge Means?


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Hedge is basically a boundary that is prepared by any concrete material, something that is erected in order to protect a particular property. In terms of gardening or even in agriculture, this hedge is generally formed or made with the help of growing plants, which curl or intertwine. The original meaning of the word hedge is 'to intertwine. The most well known tree is known as the hedge tree is the Osage-orange tree.

Hedge is also a word that is used in Gambling and finance. It is basically a kind of bet or an investment that is taken in order to lower a cost, when another bet or investment turns out to be unflatteringly. In terms of linguistics it refers to as something that is "sort of", "kind of", "like".
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A hedge is a boundary made of growing plants. It's pretty hard to take care of, but it can look pretty impressive, my neighbors have it. As for me, I'm not really into gardening, but I plant regular cannabis seeds in my backyard. I don't have green fingers, but I manage to get a good harvest somehow, and I think it would be cool to have a hedge of weed.

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