What Does Spatula Mean?


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Spatula is a turner with a thin or broad flat, flexible blade. It is a popular kitchen tool used for lifting, mixing and spreading substances and ingredients. The word is originated from the Latin word "spatha," which implies "broad sword" or flat piece of wood. Spatha is also the origin of the word "spade." The kitchen spatula usually has a long handle with the blades in various sizes from thin to broad. The shape of the blade is usually square-like or rectangular.

Spatulas are usually made of plastic material or metal but rubber, wooden, and titanium ones are also used in some occasions. Rubber spatulas are generally used for applying frosting or spreading batter, dough, sauce, etc. For cooking purposes, spatulas are known to have a plastic or wooden handle to insulate them from heat. A spatula is particularly needed when frying foods that need to be tossed over. Food can also be served with the help of spatulas. The word is believed to have entered popular English literature for the first time in beginning of the 1525.

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