What Does Gnome Mean?


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Gnome is word that originates in New Latin and was taken from the word gnomus. Later, it was adapted by the French. Gnome is a noun and denotes a character read about in fables. This creature has dwarf-like features and lives underground. Such a gnome is considered to be a guardian of treasures. Anything that relates to the gnomes is called gnomish. In the philosophy of Paracelsus, an alchemist, gnome is a being which is considered to have earth as its element.

There is another meaning of 'gnome'. According to this meaning, gnome is an aphorism or a concise and curt saying. This saying expresses a fundamental truth or principle. This word has its origin in Greek and is obtained from the word gnōmē. Gnōmē stems from the Greek gignōskein which means 'to know'. But, genomus is considered to be the root-word for gnome. Genomus means 'earth-dweller'.
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Gnome is like a dwarf, its a short person, around the size of a midget.

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