What Does Cous-cous Mean?


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Cous-cous or couscous is staple diet of North African cuisine made of granular semolina or wheat. The dish is widely tasted in the Magreb region or the northwest Africa comprising of places like Libya, Tunisia, eastern Morocco and Algeria. The meal comprises of pasta replete with vegetable stew and meat. In the US, couscous is a kind of pasta. In French speaking countries of West Africa, the fu-fu dish made by boiling starchy vegetables in water and stirring thickly with a wooden paddle, is also called as cous-cous. The starchy vegetables are usually yams, plantains or maize.

The couscous can be cooked and served with milk as porridge or sweetened and assorted with fruits for dessert. Preparing a huge batch of couscous grains is actually a tough task and at one point of time, groups of women would work for several days to prepare tiny grains of cous cous from semolinas. Today, this process is largely automated and so is the packaging and distribution.

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