What Does Glover Mean?


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The name Glover is generally is used as a surname. This name Glover undoubtedly is of Saxon origin. Originally, it was spelt as 'Golofre'. In the fourteenth century it was spelt as 'Glove'. In some ancient documents, Glover is spelt as 'Glouver'. There was a 'you' in the word before v. In the fourteenth century, the Glover families occupied Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, and Warwickshire.

Very little is known about the name Glover and the families before the time of William conqueror (1066) and before the survey of estates. Later the recording started in Tower of London during William's reign. Johannies Glove (sheriff, 12th year of Henry VI), Robert Glover (son of Thomas and Mildred Glover) are few of the famous people by the name Glover. John, William, Robert, Thomas, Richard and Henry are the names that the earliest Glovers used.

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