What Does The Name Nebuchadnezzar Mean?


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Nebuchadnezzar is a Biblical name for baby boys. It is actually a variant of the name Nebuchadrezzar which means 'O Nebo, defend my empire and crown'. Nebo of course was the son of the major deity Marduk and the Babylonian god of wisdom

There are several historical kings of Babylon called Nebuchadnezzar. The most famous of these however is Nebuchadrezzar II. He reigned in ca.605 BC-562 BC. He is mentioned in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament of the Bible. He conquered Jerusalem, constructed the beautiful Hanging Gardens of Babylon (one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World), and his building within his capital.

He is portrayed as an erratic and violent king in the Bible- many feel this is because he destroyed many sacred temples in Jerusalem. In contrast he is venerated by modern Iraqis.

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