What Does Gossamer Mean?


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Gossamer is a noun meaning any soft and sheer gauzy kind of fabric. It means something flimsy, delicate or light. Delicate films of cobwebs seen caught in the grass or bushes or seen floating around in the air is also known as Gossamer. As an adjective the word gossamer refers to something as tenuous, light, delicate or sheer.

The word Gossamer is taken from the Middle English "gossamer". It is believed that the word was formed by joining "gos" meaning goose and "somer" meaning summer.

Gossamer can be defined as thin or gauzy and its synonyms include cobweb, ethereal, flimsy, diaphanous, see-through, sheer, vaporous, transparent etc. Antonyms of the words include opaque, thick and coarse.

Gossamer is also the name of a character in the Looney Tunes series of cartoons. The monster is hairy and orange-red, has long nails and an inverted triangular body.

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