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Gallant means to be dashing, dignified, chivalrous and noble. Thus it is virtue that makes a man worthy and well bred. It is being brave and courageous in the face of danger and facing it with an undaunting spirit. Thus it refers to being magnanimous, gentlemanly and heroic. Yet it is more than just being courageous or brave. It is quality that indicates a spirit that has conquered his fears and courts danger just for the thrill of it or in an adventurous spirit. The knights of the olden days like the ones in the court of the legendary king Arthur were called gallant. It is an adjective. Thus it is an English word that has existed since the olden days. It is pronounced as gal-uh nt.

In the modern days it is also used to denote a person who is very conscious about his appearance and is very stylish. It also indicates a person who pays courteous attention to the ladies and their wishes. Thus it also means a lover or a paramour in some contexts.
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1. Brave, spirited, noble-minded, or chivalrous: a gallant knight; a gallant rescue attempt. 2. Exceptionally polite and attentive to women; courtly. 3. Stately; grand: a gallant pageant. 4. Showy, colorful, or stylish, as in dress; magnificent. 5. Amorous; amatory. –noun 6. A brave, noble-minded, or chivalrous man. 7. A man exceptionally attentive to women. 8. A stylish and dashing man. 9. A suitor or lover. 10. A paramour. –verb (used with object) 11. To court or act as a lover of (a woman). 12. To escort (a woman). –verb (used without object) 13. To attend or pay court as a gallant.
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Gallant is synonymous with such glorious qualities as brave, courageous, dashing, valiant, heroic, noble, dignified, dandy, squire and chivalrous. A gallant person is unflinching on the battlefield or in the arena where the action is taking place. A gallant warrior is one who puts up a brave front and is able to resist an attack valiantly, taking the fight to the enemy camp. A dashing young man is a handsome, lively and spirited young man.

Nobility and dignity are qualities that are associated with gallant men. A dandy is a man who is highly concerned about his looks and style of dressing. A squire is a chivalrous gentleman who attends to or escorts a woman. Chivalry is a quality in which a man is attentive to women in general like a knight in shining armour.

Gallant is also defined as a style of light musical compositions that was developed in the 18th century. It is an elegant, non-contrapuntal and highly ornamental style of composition.

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