What Does Garb Mean?


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Garb is another word for attire or dress. It refers to the various articles of clothing worn by humans to hide their nudity. Thus in its broadened sense means nothing but clothing. In a specific sense garb denotes the type of dress or attire worn by people during significant and distinctive functions and occasions like a party or a battle dress or the formal attire for a meeting. Garb is also used to describe a kind of period clothing that belongs to the pre-seventeenth century. It was worn during the Middle Ages and The Renaissance Period. It is pertaining to the costumes and garments of that era. It includes everything from gloves, gowns, shoes, coats, caveats, hats, caps and bonnets of that period.

It is also the name used for a tied bundle of grain. More often than not it is a reference to a sheaf of wheat. If it indicates any other grain then it is specified. It is a slang used in the area of Cheshire.

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