What Does Ni Mean?


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In Tagolug it means "of"

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Because I am looking for more info myself, here is another meaning for Ni. Ni is a word from a song from Monty Python. It is commonly said as "ni,ni". That is all I know.
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Ni refers to several things, for example, NI is the chemical abbreviation for nickel, which is basically a metallic chemical element. Its symbol is Ni and its atomic number is 28. This silvery white metal belongs to the conversion metals, and is solid and malleable. It is sued as a German silver in some alloys and in some coins for plating iron, brass, etc., for compound equipment, due to its durability in atmosphere and its dullness to oxidation. Nickel is considered to be one of the five ferromagnetic elements.

Ni also refers to a tributary of the Mattaponi River that flows in Virginia. Ni is also the seventh note of the Indian scale

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