Where Did The Last Name Duran Originate From? What Does It Mean? How Far Back Can It Be Found?


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It's origin is Latin meaning enduring one. Peace
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Duran is known as Latin First name which means "Enduring One". As a last name it is known in many countries but it doesn't have any origin from French.

  1. Spanish (Durán) and Catalan: It is known from the personal name
  2. English:In English it is a variant of name Durant.
  3. Polish: In Polish it is a derivative of name Dura.
  4. Czech: In Czech It is also a derivative of name Dura.

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The first name origin of DURAN is Latin which means Enduring One. As a last name it is known from many origins like:

Spanish (Durán) and Catalan: It is from the personal name
English: It is variant of name Durant.
Polish: It is derivative of Dura
Czech: It is derivative of name Dura

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Duran is of French, Spanish, Scottish and Irish origin. Also Visit Duran Name Meaning, Origin, History, Nationality and remember to click on the name of different countries of origin on top of page marked with words, "Origins Available".
Top Places of origin for name Duran are Spain, Ireland, England and Great Britain .You can click on these countries names and a page will be displayed showing you names and detailed records of people with this surname. You might need to create account there to view detailed records. But, names can be viewed freely.
You can also Visit Average Life Expectancy Chart of Duran name, which shows Average Life Expectancy of Duran for various years.
Also Visit Top Occupations Chart of Duran name which is based on up till year 1880's records.
There is a book named The Duran name in History which is a unique volume of fascinating facts, statistics and commentary following the Duran family name as far back in history as possible.
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Well my last name is duran and my grandfather is french but I'm not I'm mexican haha still thats a proof that duran can come from france!!!
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My name is duran too and I am 100% SURE that it is a for sure mexican name!!!!                               Ps  this name I cool because it is named after a famous band duran duran
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I don't know but I don't think it's mexican. Although my last name is duran and I am mexican but all the people I know who have the same last name are NOT mexican...
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My grandpa says that duran is from arabia and india atleast thats where his familly come from.

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