What Does Celandine Mean?


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Celandine is another name for jewelweed. Jewelweed and celandine are both varieties of a plant native to the continent of North America. It is an annual plant. It usually has flowers that are either yellow or orange in colour. It grows predominantly on wet soil. The celandine plant grows much better in places where the soil is rather acid. It is a perennial herb. It has a woody stock and many branches.

Lesser celandine is a variety of celandine. It is a perennial herb. It is native to Europe, but has naturalised to other parts of the world. Its leaves are shaped like hearts and its flowers resemble buttercups. Its roots are tuberous. They are used as an effective medication or poultice in the treatment of piles.

Greater or common celandine is a poppy with yellow flowers. It is native to Europe and the Mediterranean basin, but is also commonly found in the continent of North America. It was used as a cure for warts by the settlers who arrived in North America in the year 1672. The greater celandine plant is toxic and contains a variety of alkaloids. The sap is known to cause contact dermatitis.

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