What Does Pride Mean?


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Pride is a noun and a verb. According to the dictionary definition, pride is pleasure or satisfaction. For example: he takes pride in his work. It implies that he is satisfied with his work. Pride is used as 'pride in something or pride in doing something.' He takes pride in playing for his country. Pride as a noun could also mean a person or a thing that gives people a feeling of pleasure or satisfaction. For example: the new commercial centre is the pride of the country town. Pride is a feeling of respect that you have for yourself. For example: losing his job was real blow to his pride.

Pride is also a feeling that you are better or more important than other people. For example: male pride forced him to suffer in silence. When someone prides himself on something or on doing something, he is proud of that thing. For example: she prided herself on her appearance.
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Pride could be defined as "a feeling of self-respect and personal worth; satisfaction with your (or another's) achievements; or the trait of being spurred on by a dislike of falling below your standards; or a group of lions; or unreasonable and inordinate self-esteem (personified as one of the deadly sins); or be proud of",

Pride could refer to the feeling of self-respect or the negative version of the same which is one of the "Seven deadly sins" in Christianity. In late medieval literary cliques, it was fashionable to invent novel collective nouns, which added to the already rich stockpile the English language encompassed. These collective nouns partly had their roots in aristocratic hunting jargon. While some such as "an exaltation of larks" did not survive, a "pride of lions" was accepted into the genuine language

Pride is also shorthand for black pride, white pride, gay pride and other such similar types of groups.
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Pride is basically having respect for yourself and having morals.
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Pride means a group of lions or it could mean that you are proud of yourself and you take pride in yourself or in what you where.
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Pride really mean's you will do better and respect that....

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