Explain The Term Of Perspective Planning And Annual Plan?


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The perspective planning is concerned with long term planning. Here the long range targets are set in advance for the period, 15 to 25 years. Thus perspective planning is a blue print regarding the objectives and targets of long run growth. The perspective plan is not just a plan, rather to attain certain objectives and targets; the perspective plan is divided into certain smaller plans. Therefore, a perspective plan is split up in short term plans. Such shorter plans may be consisting of 5 years plans.

The five year plan is further divided into annual plans. Accordingly, the annual development plan of a country is called the annual plan. Whether there are perspective plans or annual plans, they are can be divided into sectoral as well as regional plans. The regional plans are concerned with regions, districts and localities.

While sectoral plans are made for the development of the sectors like agricultural, industry, transportation and foreign trade. These sectoral plans are divided into further sub plans like the plans to boost the agricultural output; the plan to increase the steel and iron production; the plan to enhance exports etc. all these plans and sub plans are concerned with the perspective plans.

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