What Does 'Eyre' Mean?


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The word 'Eyre' is not a common word these days and you can find its use only in the old English. The word describes the right of a king to inspect the holdings of any of the vassal. The visit was not necessarily that of a king but in his behalf a justice could also visit the area. The visit was being done at intervals and usually it happened at irregular period of time.

Though the word is not often heard these days but a lake in Australia is known to the world with the same name and it is the lake that reminds the world about the existence of the word. The lake is situated in the southern part of Australia and is the largest lake in the country. It is also the lowest point in the continent.
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The word "eyre" in terms of jane eyre the novel has the same pronunciation as "air" so perhaps this suggests invisibility or nothingness. As jane was ignored and neglected this links up with the fact she is an outsider. The fact that her name changed to jane elliot suggests that she is a much more noticeably character when she moves in with the rivers family.

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