What Gives You Zest For Life?


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I love to cook, nothing like that to get me out of a slump. Or to crochet, and of course my family, but that is a given for me. I love to see the sunsetting, and to see the colors therein. I love fishing, and camping, but I have to be with my family to love doing it. Reading sometimes too will do this for me, especially if it is a Stephen King book. Hope this helps.
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Hanging out with my wife
gives me zest for life.

All my pain and strife,
is bearable with my wife.
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Omer Butt
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I must say both of you are really lucky to have each other!
Reading about such heavenly couples make feel unexplainably good!
My HUG* for such a heavenly couple.
*=To take Life's HUG-Just close your eyes slowly, open your arms widely and take a deep breath slowly to feel life's hug right near your heart.
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What gives me zest for life is thinking of all the things I want to do, the places I want to go, things I want to see, and learn. Just waking up and knowing that everyday I'm one step closer. And also every day in between. It's the journey I guess, and a thirst for knowledge. Every day feels like an adventure. I can open a book or flip on the history chanel. If I have a question, I can find the answer, and to me that feels like freedom. All in all though, it's a craving for more, another today, or whatever else life has in store for me. I guess I really don't know how to articulate what it is I feel. I tried.
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It is the feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of being accepted, when we are enjoying the moment and that moment can be just comprised of some memories that can make us smile and can make us feel having best company even when we are in most alone state.
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I wish shopping was not at the top of the list but it is my favorite thing to do.  I get zest from a lot of things such as playing the piano for hours sometimes playing the same phrase over and over because it just pleases me so much.  I like to sing and I sing a lot while driving in my car which I find much more zestful than the Sunday morning singing I do in the church choir although I love that as well.  I love digging in the dirt in my garden. There is something heavenly about floating on a raft in a swimming pool in the hot Texas sun.  I love a good “Hot rock” massage.  I also love hot masculine breath on the nape of my neck….oops we are not supposed to talk about family so forget I said that.  But I do have to add that my heart SOARS when I see my thirteen year old, ballerina, granddaughter dance on point.

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