What Does Defiant Mean?


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To be defiant means to resist something. Or to be rebellious. Something you could do that would make you defiant is to always go against something somebody says or not do what you are told.
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Defiant is an adjective and as an adverb it is used as 'defiantly'. The word defiant is taken from the verb defy.  This has its origin in Latin and is taken from the word 'disfidare'. It is split as this and fidus. Fidus means faithful and this is kept as a prefix 'this'. When someone is defiant he is said to be resisting something. One can say that person is marked by defiance. Defiance is a noun form of defiant. Such a person is obstinate or is said to be rebellious. He is not ready to take a subordinate position to someone.

Some of the words that are synonymous to defiant could be: Aggressive, audacious, ballsy, bold, contumacious, daring, challenging, in submissive, insubordinate, macho, provocative, rebellious, disregardful, mutinous, recalcitrant, reckless and resistant. Courageous, lionhearted, intrepid, dashing, unfearful, indomitable, foolhardy, adventurous, plucky, chivalrous, confident are some of the words that could be used for defiant.

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