What Does Civilization Mean?


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It means A civilization is a complex society or culture group characterized by dependence upon agriculture, long-distance trade, state form of government, occupational specialization, population, and class stratification
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What is civilization ? Civilization is the state of condition of persons living and functioning together, jointly, cooperatively so that they produce and experience the benefits of so living and functioning jointly and cooperatively. The word "civilization" derives from the Roman word for "city". It implies a society involving cities, and cities involve people living and acting together, jointly, cooperatively, interactively.
That as counter-posed to people living singly or in very small units, on their own, individually, independently.
Thus civilization involves social cooperation, that is the opposite of individualism's "rugged independence" with its competitive survival of the fittest. Civilization involves joint survival via joint action. Only civilization is capable of providing improved quality of life: Security, material abundance, the arts, culture, the possibility of individual fulfillment and of happiness.
Individualism pursues return to the original state, the opposite of civilization, the consequent survival competition, the state of the animals unable to function in any mode other than the competition for survival.
The future of mankind is civilization. Civilization builds on our only real biological advantage -- intelligence and rationality. Civilization implies, means, requires: Society, communal action, social sharing, "socialism" and, ultimately, communism, the full cooperative sharing with our fellow persons. Human society must, and it therefore will, so become or we will regress to the animals from which we came.
To support the development of civilization is to be a civilized person. To oppose it is to be primitive, barbarian, essentially an animal.
But, what is the purpose of civilization ? What is the purpose of the social structure that we create ? Certainly the structure is not an end in itself. To we humans what matters is our personal and individual security, fulfillment and happiness. Therefore, the purpose of civilization must be to promote and achieve that goal.
- The society exists for its individual members -- not the individual members existing for the society.
- The economy exists for society's individual members -- not the members existing for the economy.
- The government exists for the members of society -- not the members existing for the government.
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Life on earth what is happening now and should happen forever if... Survive.
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A society in an advanced state of social development
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Errm cAN you lot tell me exactly what it means I'm 14 and I need it 4 a project? :S
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Civilization is a state of development in human society. It embraces intellectual, cultural and also material development. This mainly includes progress in science and arts. This gives rise to many political institutions and social organizations and stimulates record-keeoing nad writing. Thus, civilization also means the culture or society that developed in a certain region or in an epoch. Example: civilization of ancient Rome, Mayan civilization, Indus Valley Civilization.

The process of civilizing a region or obtaining a civilized state is known as civilization. This word could also mean 'modern society along with its conveniences'. Other words that could be used for 'civilization' are: culture or cultivation or refinement. The word is taken from the word civil. In past, civil was used to mean politeness and propriety. But, today civilization is used for any society. This society may be simple or complex dwelling.

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