What Does Compulsive Mean?


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Compulsive is used about a bad or harmful habit that caused by a strong desire which you can not control . Ex : Compulsive eating : You eat a lot and you can not control yourself to stop .
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Compulsive means "obsessive or frighteningly passionate." In psychology, compulsive behavior is termed as a behavior displayed with an obsessive frame of mind. For example a compulsive gambler is addicted or obsessed with the idea of gambling. Sometimes, this habit or rather an addiction can attain self-destructive proportions which can destroy a person's wealth, health or both, and even make him suicidal in extreme cases.

A person can be compelled to do things either due to external factors or due to an inherent set of factors which forms his psyche. Such a person in his compulsive frame of mind just feels obligated to do an activity regardless of rational thinking. Compulsive can also means being strong-willed and driven by the lust to succeed.

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