What Does Iglesias Mean?


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The last name Iglesias is of Spanish origin and means something like "one who dwells near or at a church". The word was taken from the Latin word "ecclesia" which in turn was taken from the Greek word "ekklesia" meaning "a gathering or an assembly".

The different versions of Iglesias are Iglesia, Eglesias, Yglesias etc. The name "Iglesisas" is derived from a place that bears the same name in the province of Burgos (Castilla la Vieja). It first originated in this same province but in the ancient Kingdom of Castile.

Several notable Spanish settlers bore this name including Manuel Iglesias who travelled to New Orleans in the year 1827. Miguel Jobrinu Iglesias followed in his footsteps in 1837 and Buenaventura Iglesias made Puerto Rico his home in the year 1860.
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