What Does El Toro Mean In English?


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El Toro is literally the Spanish word for the bull. The El Toro is a small sailing dinghy. It is a class made up only of one design of sailing dinghy. It is approximately eight feet (or about 2.44 metres) long and is also very easy to sail.

It was designed to serve as a racing dinghy and also used as a tender to ferry people and materials to and from a larger yacht. It is approximately three feet and 11inches (or about 1.19 metres) at its widest point. The design also features a thwart or a bench, on which people sit while rowing the boat.

The crew on board the El Toro dinghy comprises only two or three people. The design was originally created at the Richmond Yacht Club in San Francisco Bay Area in the state of California in the United States of America in the year 1940.

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